Advantages of Email Marketing in Mumbai

Email marketing is a direct marketing that connect businesses sending endorsement messages through electronic mail to a group of projection and clients. It’s widely used as a capable and cost-effective method for new customer gaining, building brand awareness, and growing product sales, as well as encouragement trust and loyalty with a company’s customer base.


The role of email for marketers is ongoing to grow stronger, although the increasing popularity of social networks and text messages. This is demonstrated in global benchmarking research presented in the report, Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Excellence 2017:


Email marketing is very effective comparing to other digiital marketing leads with more than 53% of respondents rating it as tremendous or good, Search Engine optimization and social media are rated third and second by marketers, respectively, with excellent or good rating of 50 to 45%

More than half (58%) of the companies analysis said that they are planning to raise their email-marketing budget, whereas only 7.5% are planning to decrease their budgets.


Marketers in this review also expressed their poise in the compensation of emails, particularly compared to other marketing channels. But which email-marketing reimbursement were the marketers primarily trying to achieve? Here are the few benefits of email marketing, according to the marketers who responded to the survey:


23% said generating more leads

19% said improved sales

17% said improved conversion rates

13% said reduced marketing costs

12% said identifying better-quality leads

9% said amalgamate with other media to boost response

3% said shorter sales cycles.


Benefits of Email Marketing


Here the few email marketing benefits given why email promotion is useful and continues to be so extensively used by marketers now a days


Email is the marketing channel favored by consumers to communicate with companies. According to research conducted by Marketing Sherpa, 60% of survey respondents chose email as the preferred way to receive promotions and regular updates from companies with which they are interested in doing business. Simply 20% of respondents chose social media, and 17% chose text messages.


Email has been exposed to produce a better ROI compare to other marketing channels. A study by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric of marketers in the United States showed that email get a median ROI of 122%, which was more than 4 era higher than other marketing channels, including social media (28%), direct mail (27%), and paid search (25%). And in 2016, email marketing generated $44 ROI for every $1 spent, which was up from $38 in 2015.


You can simply personalize your email messages. In which you can  include a subscriber’s name in subject lines and email messages to creating emails that to the target customers’ individual interests and needs, there’s a wide range of marketing tools and software available today that can help companies simplify and streamline the process of sending personalized emails to their customer base.


You can simply make different groups of your projection and customers and send those definite marketing messages that objective their personal needs and interests. By quantity of your email list, you can take the personalization of your emails to a whole new level. Geographic, demographic, and behavioral you can buy as per the requirement are a small of the types of data that you can use to target different segments of your email list and send more relevant and personalized email content.

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